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If you do not plan for events like an extended illness, serious accident or unexpected death in advance, your family may face complicated financial issues. At Bezaire, Khoukaz & Babaian, APC, in Glendale, Woodland Hills and Westlake Village, we work to alleviate this stress and provide comprehensive estate planning services to clients throughout California. Since 1985, our clients have received sound and attentive legal advice aimed at protecting your interests and securing your family’s future. Whether you need to create a new will, select guardians for your child or put together a living trust, we are here to listen and find solutions to meet your needs.

Resourceful law firm drafts new wills and subsequent updates

A will allows you to designate beneficiaries and name an executor to carry out the terms of a will after your death. A well thought out and carefully drawn will increases the likelihood your estate will be divided according to your wishes. Without a valid and enforceable will, your estate will be subject to state intestacy law, which may lead to unwanted consequences. As your relationships evolve and change, you may want to update your will, by means of a codicil, in order to remove or add a beneficiary. We will help you make sound decisions and draft wills and codicils to achieve the objectives of your estate plan.

Responsive counselors skillfully structure living trusts

Living trusts are often used to maintain control over assets during a person’s lifetime and after death. A living trust is revocable and allows you to act as trustee so you may access assets and change trust terms during your life. Once you die, control of the assets shifts to a successor trustee who is in charge of distributing assets according to the trust’s terms. A living trust may allow your estate to avoid the time and expense of probate, and we will assess whether this is the appropriate option for you to meet your goals.

Dedicated advocates advise on estate tax issues

California does not have an estate tax, but estate tax planning may still be an important part of your end of life planning. Federal estate tax would still apply to estates valued over designated thresholds (currently $11.58 million for individuals). Further, some states have their own estate tax limits for property located within their respective borders. We will help you address potential estate tax liability and put together an estate structure that will minimize this obligation.

Accomplished attorneys help clients establish guardianships

If you have minor children, you should plan for their welfare in the event of your death or incapacity. If the other parent is not available, a court can appoint a guardian to safeguard the child’s physical and financial well-being. We can help you use your will to name your preference for a guardian and to explain why you believe their appointment will be in the child’s best interests, so that the probate court will give great weight to your choice.

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