Accomplished Westlake Village Attorneys Assist with Settling Estates

Experienced California lawyers handle all aspects of the probate process

Settling the affairs of a deceased family member can be complicated and require the assistance of an attorney. At Bezaire, Khoukaz & Babaian, APC, with offices in Westlake Village, Glendale and Woodland Hills, we represent executors and personal representatives in the probate process. For larger estates with diverse holdings, California probate proceedings can be lengthy and involved, but with our decades of experience, we know how to efficiently navigate these cases. Whether you need assistance filing a probate petition, guidance on gathering assets or help with liquidating estate property, we will walk with you through the entire probate process so you can be confident your actions are proper.

Responsive law firm successfully opens and closes probate cases

The probate process starts with filing a petition and a copy of the deceased’s will with the probate court. The will is essential to the probate process and indicates the deceased’s wishes regarding the executor and their beneficiaries. Wills are not presumed valid and must be proved through a signed statement attesting to authenticity. Further, notice must be given to all potential beneficiaries, who have the right to contest the will, and to the decedent’s creditors. If the petition is approved by the court, the estate officially enters probate, and the executor receives authority to administer the estate. We have extensive experience in the probate court and will get your case started as efficiently as possible.

Diligent advocates assist with the transfer of assets to the estate

Executors and personal representatives must assume control of the deceased’s property in a timely manner, particularly financial accounts and real estate. This may involve opening bank and investment accounts, redirecting payments of rent and other debts owed to the deceased and physically gathering personal property for inventory and valuation. We will guide you through this sometimes complicated process.

Knowledgeable lawyers oversee payment of estate obligations

Bills and taxes are frequently owed when a person dies, and the executor or personal representative must settle these debts. Gaining access to funds in the deceased’s bank account is key, as is opening an executor bank account. The executor account gives the executor or personal representative signing power to pay debts and remains open until probate is completed. We will assist you with understanding your obligations and ensure accounts are properly managed. 

Resourceful counselors help clients administer probate assets

The executor’s largest task is managing and distributing estate assets. Identifying which assets must be distributed through probate is the first step, as not all of the deceased’s property may be included. For those assets that do qualify, they need to be:

  • found and collected
  • valued, managed and preserved from loss
  • potentially liquidated to pay creditors if outstanding bills exist

Even with simple estates, difficulties can arise, and we provide continual advice on how best to discharge these responsibilities.

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